Saturday, September 20, 2014

One of the major issue in education is early childhood education.
The importance of early childhood education is because of its
long lasting effects on students. But there are a lot of issues.
The major issues in education in early childhood are:
1. Education is important but it is no longer given the high priority,
by the federal government, it once enjoyed. How else can one
interpret the decreased government spending on education,
as a percentage of gross domestic product, compared to a
generation ago, and the decrease in teacher's salaries compared
to what teachers were paid  before?

2. Lack of effective, cooperative government leadership, as
for example, evidenced in the No Child Left Behind Act.
Government should be working with teachers, not against
them to create effective educational plans. If education is
important, let our leaders prove it by working with teachers.

3. Worsening boredom and negative feelings by children,
concerning their educational experience. The "No Child Left
Behind Act" made an often, boring, educational environment
worse. It has forced teachers to organize their teaching
around teaching to pass the test, which emphasizes rote
learning. Rote learning is boring and creates negative
feelings in children that interfere with learning. This is
not proper education. If education is important to our
leaders let them make it a positive experience for our kids-
another one of the major issues in education.

4. Declining middle class incomes relative to the 1970s led
to a decrease in proper education since parents had to
work, instead of making themselves available at home to help
their children.

5. Computer-video games and television are significantly
interfering with children's education by creating negative
feelings that interfere with learning, decreasing attention
span, and taking away from both learning and normal play
time-still another of the major issues in education.

What do you think about it?

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